Talking about Princess Coeng-ping, everybody knows she is a character in Floral Princess. But do you know her exact name? A smart, righteous heroine who did not hesitate in dying for her country. How much empathy is there behind the romantic story? Would her fate have been any different if she had lived in the present time?

Photographic artists and a wide spectrum of artists of different disciplines and age groups have been invited to participate in the production of A Collection of Coeng-ping Images 65. Princess Coeng-ping will be their Muses. It is a fantasy of her being reborn today after the pandemic from the post-war 1950’s, an imagination of what impression and image ZYU Fai-nei would bring to your very eyes.

Photographs Solicited | Collaborative Creation of Own Culture
Theme : Fantasy of Princess Coeng-ping 2022, Contemporary dialogue

In 1644 the Forbidden City fell, marking the end of the last empire of the Central Plain culture. A crisis of cultural inheritance? Floral Princess, created by TONG Tik-sang in 1957, is more than a classic brand. She transcends the realm of Canto-opera. She is the gem of human cultural heritage. The mental journey of the Last Princess Coeng-ping can connect generations and inspire the future. “A Collection of Coeng-ping Images 65” holds dialogue with contemporary minds through your imagination of her images in 2022.

Target Participants:
1. Open Group: Any member of the public
(Creativity is the key. Professional equipment not a must. Mobile phone photography welcome.)
2. By Invitation: Renowned artists*

1. Deadline: 2022.9.16

2. Digital Format: JPG or TIFF (15-50MB or above will better suit exhibition purposes. For mobile phones please select maximum pixels)

3. Email: Please provide download link for the digital file, together with a description of the creative idea (not more than 200 words), your name and contact details by email to

Reward to Participants:
1. Certificate of Appreciation: Presented to all participants

2. Exhibition: A total of 65 photographs, being those taken by renowned artists and those shortlisted from the Open Group, will be put on exhibition as a mark of our times.

3. Exhibition: 2022.10.16-25|Lee Theatre Plaza│99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

4. Attending Opening Ceremony of Exhibition: All participants and their models will be invited to attend.

5. Award: Viewers of the exhibition will be invited to pick one exhibit in the Open Group as “My Most Loved Masterpiece”. The creator of the exhibit with the highest number of votes will be awarded a cash prize of HK$10,000 as encouragement for continuation on the path of creation.

6. Publishing of Photo Album: in 2023 (revenues will be used to sponsor the “Floral Princess on Campus” Project)

HK$1,000 Prize to The Tasteful Viewer
Viewers are welcome to pick one exhibit from the Open Group (in green) as “My Most Loved Masterpiece”. Those who picked the exhibit with the most votes can participate in the “Tasteful Viewer” game.

How to Vote
Scan the voting QR code in the exhibition area

* Renowned artists
(in random order)

Michelle YIM (film/TV star) x Wing SHYA (photographer | film/ad director)

Bryan WONG (advertisement creativity)

Lawrence NG (photographer@Work House)

YEE Chung-man (art director|film director)

Rebecca LEE (polar science worker)

LO Yuk-ying (photographer)

Yuri NG (artistic director, City Contemporary Dance Company)

anothermountainman (visual communicator) x MUI Cheuk-yin (dancer | choreographer)

CHOW Chun Fai (paint artist)

Mathias WOO (artistic director, Zuni Icosahedron) x LAI Tat-tat-wing (cartoonist)

LEUNG Hoi-ping (photographer)

KWAN Pun-leung (cinematographer | photographer)

PAN Lingjuan (dance artist) x Rex NG (Video/Canto-opera Director)@Utopia

CHANG Kuei-ling (dance artist) x Maurice LAI (Video Director)@Utopia

YEH Ming-hwa (dance artist) x Maurice LAI (Video Director)@Utopia

Ljuzem Madiljin (artistic director, Tjimur Dance Theatre)

Utopia x NAN Fung (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x Monica BAI (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x CHAN Wing-yee (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x TANG Mi-ling (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x Susanna CHENG (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x LI Pui-yan (Canto-opera artist)

Utopia x LIN Yingshi (Canto-opera artist)

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