The year 2022 shall witness the 65th anniversary of the Canto-opera classic “Floral Princess". In the aftermath of the unprecedented pandemic, life is being rebuilt both on stage and off stage. Revelation of the Floral Princess – “Softly comes the sound of the clapper; chilled fragrance intrudes this phoenix mansion”. The looming rainstorm can be sensed; yet one cannot possibly beat the circumstances. To be or not to be?  Dilemma’s the ultimate test of one’s wisdom.

Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop will be staging a series of grand professional performances and student events. The first excitement is the grand production of 15 performances of a remake of Floral Princess at Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District. The two leading roles will be played by a different mix of actors/actresses in each performance. Veteran artists and younger ones join forces in this on-stage ritual of Handing on the Torch. This is to pay tribute to the invincible trio in Canto-opera, namely Yam Kim Fai, Pak Suet Sin and Tong Tik Sang, and to broaden the scope of local original art production.

The student editions encompass different levels of engagement. The first is the “Recital Edition”. As long as you can read Chinese, you can enter the world of the playwright Tong Tik Sang’s written works and enjoy the plots, the characters, the history and the literary beauty. The “Theatrical Concert Edition” introduces an alternative music genre and style to pop music, namely Cantonese Operatic singing, to students fond of singing.  The “Theatre Student Edition” lets students fond of “performing a story with singing and dancing” (definition of Xiqu) know that beyond LaLa Land and The Phantom of the Opera, Canto-opera at our finger tips is actually in full bloom.

And the “Canto-Op Video Festival ” encourages students to “Imagine@Floral Princess 65”, to express their ideas with their mobile phone, connect with their own traditional art form and activate their potential creativity.

New Art Form
The “Theatrical Concert” idea was first introduced in 2014 (please refer to RTHK TV special). Composite Cantonese Operatic singing pieces, easily lasting half an hour each, are converted into short pieces of a few minutes. They are called Canto-opera Siu-ling (literally “short piece”).  Coupled with theatrical arrangements and montage, it will create modern imagination.

(1) Students interested in singing are encouraged to participate (where singing includes Cantonese Operatic singing, pop songs, musicals, operas, etc.)
(2) All primary, secondary and tertiary students are welcome.

Enrolment Method A
(1) Download “pdf Enrolment Form”, complete it and save it as a pdf file.

(2) Using a mobile phone, record a voice file of not more than 3 minutes of a solo section taken from Floral Princess (music accompaniment could be karaoke from market or self-prepared).  Upload to Youtube with the Visibility option set to “Unlisted”.  Note:  Better recording quality can be achieved in a quiet indoor environment with the mobile phone at approximately 5 cm away from the singer’s mouth.

(3) Email the above pdf file, i.e. (1) above, to <> .  Please specify the name of the entrant in the email Subject/Title and copy the Youtube link of (2) above in the body of  the email.

Enrolment Method B
Click “Online Enrolment Form”, input data and submit online.

A scholarship of HKD10,000 will be awarded to the best performer.

Venue: To be confirmed
Dates: 4, 11 & 18 December 2021 and 1, 8 & 15 January 2022 (all Saturdays)

Final Rehearsal
Venue: Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District
Date: 22 January 2022 (afternoon)

Venue: Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District
Date: 23 January 2022 (Matinee)

Enquiry: 9880-8410 (Mr. Chan)

Floral Princess 65th Anniversary Series
Floral Princess | Professional Edition
Floral Princess | Theatre Student Edition
Floral Princess | Theatrical Concert Student Edition
Floral Princess | Recital Student Edition
Canto-Op Video Festival | Imagine@FloralPrincess65
Other events will be unveiled shortly