The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra presents a symphonic re-imagination of the timeless Floral Princess
Based on the classic Floral Princess created by TONG Tik-sang (1917-1959), this brand new orchestral piece will be performed live by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil), complemented by the exquisite on-screen interpretation by renowned acting duo YAM Kim-fai (1913-1989) and PAK Suet-sin (b. 1928). In this rendition, as re-interpreted and re-imagined by contemporary artists, raining petals scatter through the night sky, landing on the ruined hills and dwindled rivers in our shared dreams through past and present. Director Rex NG weaves together textual, video, and audio editing, while composer LEE Che-yi pens an original work of symphonic poem. HK Phil Resident Conductor LIO Kuokman will lead the orchestra in this world premiere.

Not your regular film score concert
Traversing western orchestral music, Cantonese operatic music, re-edited classic films, CG visuals, and theatrical lighting design, this interdisciplinary audio-visual performance will take you on an immersive, epic journey – one of the nine major events in the 65th anniversary series of Huaxiang Princess.

Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall
Date: 2022.12.23│8:00pm ● 2022.12.24│3:00pm│8:00pm

Presented by: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: LIO Kuokman, Resident Conductor of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Performed by: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

In Collaboration with: Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop
Directors-General: CHAN Sinn Gi Joseph & IP Ka-po
Producer: Maurice LAI
Director, Scriptwriter and Film-editor: Rex NG
Composer: LEE Che-yi

Floral Princess 65th Anniversary
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