The year 2022 shall witness the 65th anniversary of the Canto-opera classic “Floral Princess".  In the aftermath of the unprecedented pandemic, life is being rebuilt both on stage and off stage. Revelation of the Floral Princess – “Bloodshed is still visible after a year of vicissitudes”. The protagonists of this story brought to action the familiar line “Thou shall wade through the path of life and death”. It enabled the Floral Princess to exert her influence in the royal court of the succeeding dynasty. Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop will be staging a series of professional and student editions of this classic to pay tribute to the invincible trio in Canto-opera, namely Yam Kim Fai, Pak Suet Sin and Tong Tik Sang, and to broaden the scope of local original art production.

A New Art Form for You to Create
In the 1970’s in Hong Kong, a young man in his twenties successfully created the Kung Fu Film, a crossover of Kung Fu and Film, which was unique to Hong Kong. It impacted the world and continues to do so to this day. His name is Bruce Lee. In the 1980’s in the U.S., there was another young man in his twenties who put innovative ideas into music and video. The contents of MV have from then on been influenced permanently. His name is Michael Jackson. While they have both passed away, they have never ceased impacting the world. This makes them a legend.

We need a young talent to create the “Images of Canto-opera” unique to Hong Kong to impact the future, by a cross-over of Canto-opera and Video. It could be you!  Seize this juncture of the 65th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Canto-opera Classic “Floral Princess”. Reconnect with our own traditional culture. Get hold of any wild ideas and imagination, and activate your untapped creativity. Express your heart with your mobile phone. Create your own “Canto-Opera Video” to capture this very instant and your uniqueness.

Target Entrants
Students Group / Open Group

New Art Form
(1) Incorporating elements of Canto-Opera or Cantonese Operatic Singing, express yourself in a short video (drama or non-drama) with a mobile phone camera
(2) This serves to encourage online interactive video production through competition
(3) Video length: 1 to 5 minutes

Reference for Art Form (Note:  Not exactly the same)

Dance Film: Stranger , The House Behind the Wall


Enquiry: 9880-8410 (Mr. Chan)

Stay tuned ! 
Details of the competition will be announced shortly.

Floral Princess 65th Anniversary
a series of 9 events

Floral Princess | Professional Edition
ArenA | Write on, as THE tribute to YAM-PAK-TONG
Floral Princess | Theatre Student Edition
Floral Princess | Theatrical Concert Student Edition
Floral Princess | Recital Student Edition
Call Loud Yeah! | Black Box Theatre Festival
Seoi-bo-long Video Festival
A Collection of Coeng-ping Images 65
Raining Petals: An Orchestral Re-imagining