A formulaic performance set unique to Canto-opera. It depicts the process where someone on the horns of a dilemma makes a difficult decision after battling through inner conflicts. The performance matches the rhythm of percussion instruments: sometimes passionate, sometimes tardy, sometimes still, sometimes stretching. It expresses, through body movements, the inner feelings of vexation and bewilderment, and the mental journey, bright or dark, of weighing the pros and cons at length and finally making up one’s mind. The jargon is “Seoi-bo-long” (literally “waves”).

The year 2022 marks the 65th anniversary of the Canto-opera classic Floral Princess.  In the aftermath of the unprecedented pandemic, life is being rebuilt both on stage and off stage.  Revelation of the Floral Princess – “Bloodshed is still visible after a year of vicissitudes”.  The protagonists of this story brought to action the familiar line “Do force your way to death”.

Innovative Art Form Starts with You
In the 1970s in Hong Kong, a young man in his twenties was engaged in both Kung Fu and the movie industry. At the age of 30, he successfully re-defined Kung Fu x Film, which was unique to Hong Kong.  It impacted the world and continues to do so to this day.  His name is Bruce Lee, the widely acclaimed King of Fung Fu. In the 1980s in the U.S., there was another young man in his twenties who put innovative ideas into MV: Music x Video and enriched its contents. This has long lasting influence on MV production. His name is Michael Jackson, honoured as the King of Pop. 
We need a young talent to create the Canto-opera x Video (COV) to impact the future.  It could be you!

New Form for Participation
Seize this juncture of the 65th anniversary of the Canto-opera classic Floral Princess in 2022. Reconnect with our own traditional culture. Based on the theme of “Floral Princess 65 Fantasy”, use elements of Canto-opera (text, music, body movement, speech, singing, image (make-up, costume, opera masks, beard action, etc) for creating variations or crossing disciplines (pop song, dance, music, drama, opera, musical, etc). Connect with the present and create an innovative COV. Get hold of any wild ideas and imagination and activate your untapped creativity. 

1644 Fall of Forbidden City vs 2022 Contemporary Dialogue
Floral Princess is probably unique among Canto-operas in that its theme song is well known even to Chinese-opera illiterates. It is the representative of pop culture of its time and region……The sad and beautiful story of Princess Coeng-ping uses turbulent days as its backdrop ---- her capital city falls but she survives. After change of sovereignty she and her husband are as if forever apart: mutual recognition would be inapt even when they do meet. Yet, national mission compels her to resume her nobility and come back, albeit in pain. When her wish is fulfilled, she committed suicide together with her husband, to uphold national dignity…..As a tragedy set at a time of great changes, Coeng-ping's martyrdom may have aroused unexpected resonances” (The Chinese version is extracted from the special printed materials for “The 11th Hong Kong International Film Festival‧Cantonese Opera Film Retrospective (1987)”)

Global Competition & CollectionTarget Participants
1. Open Group: The public
2. Students Group: Full-time students
3. By Invitation: Professionals invited by organiser

1. Create a short video of about 3-5 minutes. Creativity is the key. Professional equipment is not a prerequisite. Filming with mobile phones is welcome.
2. Deadline: 2023.11.20
3. Digital File: Upload to YouTube (Visibility set to “Unlisted”)
4. Email: Email YouTube link together with video title, creative idea (within 150 words), name & contact detail to

5. Interested participants can register via email (, leaving their name and phone number, and apply for filming (with their mobile phone) behind-the-scenes footage of Floral Princess in June as a creative element for their submission.
Adjudication: Select The Best Local Video and shortlist videos for online broadcast

(in random order)
Gordon LAM, Cyrus HO, Leon KO, Marcus LAM, DR. LO Wai-luk, DING Yuin-Shan, Wong Cheuk-man

Our Response to Participants
1. Certificate of Appreciation: To all participants
2. Online broadcast: All shortlisted videos will be broadcast on Cityline
3. Awards:
  My Favourite Video:
Viewers to select from Open Group. Cash prize of HK$10,000 to participant with highest vote.
  My Favourite Student Video:
Viewers to select from Students Group. Cash prize of HK$5,000 to participant with highest vote.
The Best Local Video:
Adjudicators to select from Open Group and Students Group. Cash prize of HK$10,000 to participant with highest vote.

Our Response to Voting Viewers
Viewer picking winners of My Favourite Video and My Favourite Student Video has a chance to win cash prize of HK$1,000.

Date: 2024.2.6 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Multi-Media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity (135 Junction Road, Kowloon)

Post-screening symposium
Gordon LAM, Cyrus HO, Leon KO, DING Yuin-Shan

Digital tickets
Click here: Cityline for free

Floral Princess 65th Anniversary
a series of 9 events

Floral Princess | Professional Edition
ArenA | Write on, as THE tribute to YAM-PAK-TONG
Floral Princess | Theatre Student Edition
Floral Princess | Theatrical Concert Student Edition
Floral Princess | Recital Student Edition
Call Loud Yeah! | Black Box Theatre Festival
Seoi-bo-long Video Festival
A Collection of Coeng-ping Images 65
Raining Petals: An Orchestral Re-imagining

Judge: Cyrus HO
Production Designer

Best Art Director,
38th Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan
Judge: Leon KO
Composer for musical theatre and films
Judge: Marcus LAM
General Manager, Cityline
Judge: DR. LO Wai-luk
Retired Associate Professor
Academy of Film,
Hong Kong Baptist University
Judge: DING Yuin-shan
Head of Screen Creative Producing
and Postgraduate Programme Leader,
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Judge: Wong Cheuk-man
Subject Coordinator (Film and Video Art)
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Judge: Gordon LAM
Film Producer / Screenwriter / Actor

Best Actor,
2017 Hong Kong Film Awards