The year 2022 shall witness the 65th anniversary of the Canto-opera classic “Floral Princess". In the aftermath of the unprecedented pandemic, life is being rebuilt both on stage and off stage. Revelation of the Floral Princess – “In obscurity, the moonlight seems overshadowed by ubiquitous past events”. The protagonists of this story brought to action the familiar line “Thou shall wade through the path of life and death”. Action is better than a thousand words. Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop will be staging a series of professional and student editions of this classic to pay tribute to the invincible trio in Canto-opera, namely Yam Kim Fai, Pak Suet Sin and Tong Tik Sang, and to broaden the scope of local original art production.

The first excitement is the grand production of 15 performances of a 160-minute remake of Floral Princess at Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District. Chief Producers Joe CHAN & Nick IP, Producer Maurice LAI and Director Rex NG jointly present this work with stage aesthetics and production rigour consistent with Utopia's style of minimalist Canto-opera. The music has been rearranged by Mr. LEE Che-yi, winner of the Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan.  For sure these elements will give the audience an experience like being trapped in an emotional roller-coaster ride on the path of beautiful trans-era tragic romance.

Dates:  6-18 January, 2022 (15 performances)
Venue:  Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District

15 Combinations of Leading Roles
The trans-generational Floral Princess and Consort Chow will be played by a different mix of actors/actresses in each performance. Veteran artists and younger ones join forces in this on-stage ritual of Handing on the Torch.
Consort Chow
LEE Lung, LIANG Zhao-ming, WAI Chun-fai, HONG Hai*, WANG Zhiliang
Princess Chang Ping
NAN Fung, Monica BAI, CHAN Wing-yee, TANG Mi-ling, Susanna CHENG, LI Pui-yan, LIN Yingshi

* Thanks for HKAPA’s approval

Enquiry: 9880-8410 (Mr. Chan)

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Details of the performances and ticketing arrangements will be announced shortly.

Floral Princess 65th Anniversary Series
Floral Princess | Professional Edition
Floral Princess | Theatre Student Edition
Floral Princess | Theatrical Concert Student Edition
Floral Princess | Recital Student Edition
Canto-Op Video Festival | Imagine@FloralPrincess65
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