TONG Tik-sang

In old movies,
often the sound track appears unsynchronized to lip movements.
The most unbearable is the“Peeping at the Drunken” scene,
when viewers are intoxicated in watching
and all of a sudden brutally dragged back to the cruel reality…
This time the film has undergone a non-linear editing
in terms of its visual and audio aspects
and is played on quality video projection.
New soul, yet still the same old faces and voices.

ZHAO Yu-zhou the beau and XIE Su-qiu
the belle could only communicate their mutual affection
through verse manuscripts owing to geographic separation. 
They were soulmates for several years. 
When they finally came together
in one place they were however separated by villains in power. 
A door apart, they heard each other’s voice
but could not see each other’s face. 
So near, and yet so far apart – how heart-rending. 
Several times they brushed past each other
but never actually met until just before the end of the opera.

"Drunk and know not woe
Dream enters fairyland"
YAM Kim-fai‧ZHAO Ru-zhou
"Fated with no power to live again
Old bird pities fallen flower"
PAK Suet-sin‧XIE Su-qiu
"Greetings everywhere
I have no rest at all"
LAN Chi-pat‧WANG Fu
"People are so cold
Save your tears"
LEUNG Sing-por‧LIU Gong-dao
"I weep over love"
"Meeting her in my sadness
That’s some consolation"
"Fresh flowers
Can’t bear recalling old dreams"