I had a dream about CantOpera.
In my dream, I saw colourful flowers brightly blossom.
Scenery of heavenly beauty!
There I saw seven doors…

After going through all seven doors,
I woke up and founded the Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop.

Profile of Author Rex NG

The first door carries “Respect”
Kids were learning CantOpera,
just like they were learning dancing,
music and drama.
They respect her and longed
to know her.
The second door carries
“Linked Roots”
The seniors there were dedicated
to teach the young learners,
encourage them
to paint stunning rainbows
that have never been painted before.
The third door carries “Gardens”
Groups of CantOpera lovers
owned their rehearsal rooms
and studios.
They practised singing, acting,
discourse and actions.
The fourth door carries
There were antique table and chairs,
3-dimensional stage setting,
white lighting that some of these
young people loved to use
and modern stage lighting
that others liked.
The fifth door carries
“Blossoming Flowers”
Scripts printed, Sound tracks,
books, pictures and viedeos
and thoughts from the seniors
were all left unselfishly
by the seniors for young learners.
The sixth door carries “Experts”
Their performances captured
and touched the audience,
leaving them with reflecting,
enjoyable and passionate
The seventh door
“Go Beyond”
were engaged
in performing tours
to introduce
the art of CantOpera
to audience
worldwide and share
our treasures
with foreigners.