I love soup, especially Cantonese slow-cooked soup.

Even if the soup is just for one, you have to cook enough for six servings. This ensures the amount of ingredients and cooking time to be sufficient for a bowl of delicious soup.

For eight years, Utopia has produced three pots of soup: III Domains, Rose in a Tempest and Romance in a Labyrinth. They are no delicacy, yet they are soup of sincerity, cooked with the best ingredients we could offer. 

Having produced only three shows in eight years, despite lack of funding and human resources, it is also our belief that quality should not be compromised for the sake of quantity. How could one make flavourful slow-cooked soup with merely seventy-five grams of pork? That is not enough even for simple-boiled soup!

From our first production, we are determined not to become just simple-boiled soup. We aim to cook up a pot of soup that is so appetizing that the taste lingers in one’s mouth and establish ourselves with quality, not quantity.

Beijing opera master Pei Yanling once says she had performed her famous piece Pursuit for fifteen years before she was actually able to get the savor of the character. This is the third re-run of III Domains and we hope to give our audience the proper flavour just like any good slow-cooked soup.

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